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Anaksha: Dark Angel

Friday 10th December 2011

A murdered teenager? A kidnapped orphan? A deadly drug epidemic? Something dark and sinister is at work in the city. Follow Santa Lina's most feared vigilante in her most epic story yet. Over three years in the making, this beautifully illustrated crime-noir thriller spans over two and a half hours of cinematics (a world's first for a flash game) and is accompanied by a powerful, Hollywood-style soundtrack composed by film industry professionals

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Anaksha Mini Adventures 2: A New Threat

Friday 04th November 2011

Anaksha finally arrives to pick up her new cellphone but soon finds herself tangled up with something very dark and sinister stirring in Santa Lina! This is actually the second major release in the Anaksha series and contains an achievements system as well as a treasure hunt for hidden virgo symbols. Fans of the old Sierra Online games will appreciate the visual feel of the updated engine which was inspired by AGI

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Anaksha Mini Adventures 1.5: Quick Stop

Wednesday 20th April 2011

A quick little mini adventure which I wrote on my netbook to test out AAGi (the new mini adventure engine), while my main computer was awaiting repairs. While on her way to a hotel Hells Cats to pick up her new custom designed cellphone, Anaksha has to make a quick rest room stop. This short game has three different solutions which are chosen at random by the game. See if you can find them all

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Anaksha Mini Adventures 1: A Sea Of Fire

Tuesday 16th August 2008

Find a dangerous club owner and assassinate him in Anaksha's very own little adventure game. (Please note: This game must NOT be displayed anywhere other than! Do not steal it for your own site)

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Anaksha: Female Assassin

Friday 1st August 2008

The original game which started it all. Follow Anaksha as she embarks on a brutal rampage through the city, killing off the scum of society. This game is hosted on Newgrounds

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