Anaksha Mini Adventures 1.5: Quick Stop - Manual


Welcome to the city of Santa Lina. A dark, rainswept metropolis filled with crime and sleaze. You will play the role of Anaksha - a dangerous female vigilante who is determined to clean up the city.

Please note, this is NOT the sequel to "A Sea Of Fire". Consider this a test of the newly written game engine. This game was created primarily for Anaksha fans to test out the engine so I can get some constructive feedback on its performance. A sequel to "A Sea Of Fire" called "A New Threat" is already in the works and will be using this same engine. My intention is to iron out all the bugs in the engine before releasing the sequel.

Why Write A New Engine?

Good question! Well the truth is I wasn't happy with the last version. Yes it worked but it was very flawed. The character's inventory was limited, the collision detection was bad and there was no way to save your progress. It's all well and good if you want to develop tiny little games which last a few minutes with a limited inventory, but that's no good to me. I've always believed in giving players an emotionally satisfying gaming experience and in order to do that in an adventure game I need an engine that is robust and flexible.

Introducing AAGi v2 - pronounced Aah-G or Aah-Gee (the letter 'G' is pronounced similar to the word 'Gold' not like a 'J' sound as in 'George'). Coincidentally the Hindi/Urdu word for fire is 'Aag' so I figured Anaksha's bindi would be the perfect icon for it! :)

AAGi stands for Anaksha Adventure Game Interpreter and was partially inspired by Sierra Online's AGI and SCI engines.

What's New?

AAGi 2 has the following features and improvements:


Use the WASD or Arrow Cursor keys to move Anaksha around the maps. SPACEBAR will interact with people and objects.

To use an item from your inventory, walk over to the person or object you wish to use the item on. Press ESCAPE or 'I' to bring up the inventory. Use the UP and DOWN cursor keys (or the W and S keys) to highlight the relvent item and press SPACE.

To combine two items in your inventory, press ESCAPE or 'I' to bring up the inventory screen. Use the up and down keys to highlight the first item and press 'C'. Use the up and down keys to highlight the second item and press either SPACE or 'C'.

Known Bugs

None at the moment and hopefully it'll stay this way. :) But regardless of that, I still need your help in tracking down any bugs which have slipped by me. If you find anything the please email me. My details are on the contact page of this site.