Anaksha Female Assassin - Manual

WARNING: Anaksha: Female Assassin, contains adult subject matter, explicit violence and graphic death scenes which some players may find disturbing. If you are under 18 years of age, or are against video game violence then do not play this game!

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Be Advised : This manual may contain spoilers.

Table of Contents


Welcome to the city of Santa Lina. A dark, rainswept metropolis filled with crime and sleaze. You will play the role of Anaksha - a dangerous female vigilante who is determined to clean up the city.


This game requires Flash Player 9 or higher. If you try loading the game and see the screen flashing randomly, then chances are you need to upgrade your flash player. You can download the latest version for free, from

Although this game has been thoroughly tested by many people, theres always the possibility of undetected bugs lurking around somewhere. If you find any bugs or errors then please report them to me. You'll find my details in the contact section, or alternatively you can post your bug reports in the forum.


You can set the game's visual level in the main menu. If you have a slow processor then it may be wise to turn off certain elements. Heres a quick explanation of what each one does.

Glass/Blood Particles: Leave this setting on if you want to see blood and bits of flesh flying out of your target's head. As you've probably guessed, fewer particles = faster gameplay.

Dynamic Lens DOF: This controls the camera defocus effect when you zoom in and out using your rifle's scope. DOF stands for "Depth Of Field". Dynamically calculating this effect can have a tremendous effect on your poor CPU, so if you experience sluggishness, switch it off.

Quality: You've probably seen this one before in other flash games. The lower the quality the higher the speed (and vice versa)

Another way to speed up gameplay is to play using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. For some reason the game runs a little faster in IE.


SPACEBAR: Toggles between "normal view" and "sniper view"

MOUSE MOVEMENT: Moves the pointer(duh!) when in "normal view" and the scope (when in "scope view)

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: Fire rifle (when in "scope view"). For those hardcore trigger-happy types out there, this button can also be used as a rapid shortcut to enter "scope view" from "normal view" (you'll have to use SPACEBAR to exit back to "normal view")

Q and A KEYS: When in "scope view", tap or hold the Q and A keys to zoom your scope in and out of the scenery. This is especially useful when you need to target specific areas. Alternatively you can use the P and L keys if you operate the mouse with your left hand, or you can even use your mouse's scroll-wheel if it has one.


Anaksha Female Assassin is story-driven. That means you're going to have to read the cutscenes in order to find out what you have to do next. Read each sequence CAREFULLY otherwise you could miss an important clue. You may even find it useful to keep a notepad and pen besides your computer incase you need to write down a target's description.


anaksha screenshot

INTRO: When you enter the game environment, you will see part of a street full of people going about their daily business. So what do you do? Well if you read the cutscene that will tell you who your target is, but how do you seperate your target from the rest of the public? You can't just shoot everyone and hope for the best (besides, killing an innocent civillian will end the mission and you will fail!). The bottom line is, you need to be OBSERVANT and only fire when you are absolutely sure you have the right target in your rifle's sights.

You pass the mission when you have eliminated all targets and done as you were told in the mission info.

You fail the mission for:

  1. Killing a civillian
  2. Letting the target flee the scene, or enter the building they were heading for.
  3. Shooting the wrong part of the head (this can only happen during later missions)

Read the tutorial below to get a quick taster of how to play the first mission.

TUTORIAL: The first mission states your target is called Steve Sherman. He is 44 years old, has a full head of hair, wears sunshades and has a goatee. OK so that narrows it down and at least now you know who you are looking for. But wait theres more. If you read the cutscene properly you would have found out that he is on his way to the Scarlet Pussycat's Gentlemen's Lounge (thats a posh word for 'strip club' incase you don't know!) and he has a favourite dancer there who he is going to see. And just like most wussies would do on a first date, he has bought her a box of candy.

OK so now theres no mistaking who your target is. When the level starts, your first job is to wait and observe the environment. Look for the first guy holding a box of chocolates in his hand. When you see him, point your cursor over him and press the SPACEBAR (or the LEFT BUTTON once - careful not to double click!) to enter "sniper view". The background will go black and your view will be restricted to the scope's field of view. Use the Q/A keys (or P/L keys or the mouse scrollwheel) to zoom in and out (although the zoom isn't really necessary during the early stages of the game). When the red dot is over his head, press the LEFT BUTTON to fire the rifle. If all goes well you will hear a thunderous bang, and your target will fall to the ground and die in a pool of his own blood. If you miss, chances are he will run away. If you are lucky (and quick) you can still kill him by following his movement while the rifle reloads (yes you have to wait while Anaksha quickly reloads the rifle between each shot).

On the other hand, try not to hesitate too much. Hestancy can result in the target either leaving the scene, or entering the building they were heading for. If you lose your target you will fail the mission.

anaksha sniper view


  1. NEVER EVER harm the innocent!
  2. Read ALL cutscenes for your mission information
  3. Always aim for the head. This is the only place which will have any effect on the target.
  4. After each shot your rifle will automatically reload. This takes a second or two.
  5. If you are zoomed right in, and are aiming for a specific part of the head, it may be wise to quickly check if there are any innocent people are nearby. Chances are they may suddenly walk into shot as you fire the rifle resulting in accidental death and mission failure.
  6. When you encounter a new mission for the first time, it might be better to do nothing other than observe the action. Then just restart the mission once you know what you're doing.
  7. If you really get stuck then feel free to join the forum and post all your questions there. Or if you want to read the official walkthrough/guide, you can find that here


When you start the game your main attack will consist of a single shot to the head. This will change once Anaksha receives the special ammo from her foster Grandfather. This is when things start to get really gory! Study the damage guide and the weak points of the skull. Chances are, later on you'll be required to target specific areas of the head (read the cutscenes carefully to find out where to aim).

damage guide

The yellow areas indicate the zones which cause damage to specific parts. Once you receive the special ammo, you will be able to target any of these weak points. Heres a quick breakdown of each yellow area:

The red areas are in a league of their own - this is when things get REALLY gory! You won't be able to target these areas until the later stages of the game. Here's a quick breakdown of each red area:


Anaksha Female Assassin is a story-driven game. That means, that as the game's main storyline shifts gears, the rewards will get better and better. Remember - read everything, be patient and more importantly HAVE FUN! :) And if you would like to see a sequel in the future, then why not post your ideas and suggestions on the forum?


Those of you are curious about the game's soundtrack, can find a detailed track listing here.


  1. Scope view can sometimes jitter for 1/30th of a second if you zoom in whilst moving the scope (it doesn't happen that often but some players may notice it). I'm still investigating this and trying to figure out why it's happening. It's not really a major issue and shouldn't disrupt your enjoyment of the game, but if I can find out why its happening I'll sort it out.
  2. There is tiny delay between the mouse click and the sound of the gunshot going off. This bug is only apparent in the Firefox browser and does not affect Internet Explorer users. The game also runs slightly slower in Firefox for some bizarre reason.
  3. Those people using the Q and A keys to zoom may notice (for some bizarre reason) that they seem to switch functions when you play the game using Internet Explorer (i.e: Q = Zoom Out and A = Zoom In). Its nothing serious so chances are I won't be looking into this one (unless I get a flood of complaints! :p ).


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