Support The Anaksha Project

Want to show the world how much you love Anaksha? Would you like to see more games? How about books and comics? Or even better, how about a full blown commercial XBox release, or the holy grail - a feature film based on Anaksha at your local multiplex cinema?!

It can all happen but it's upto you guys. If you want to see all this then you need to show the world how much you support her. You can do that in many ways.

The Main Thing

The main thing you can do is tell your friends and colleagues. Email them, text them and share your enthusiasm. (Please do NOT post links to this site on non-gaming forums or websites! I hate it when people spam my boards with irrelevent, random links, so please don't do it to others). Please use your judgement and think twice before posting links on other websites.

Film Industry and Creative Talent

Are you a talented model/actor who looks like one of the main characters and could really help bring them to life? Perhaps you're an experienced voice actor? Or maybe you know someone who is. Why not get in touch and introduce yourself? There's no telling what the future holds. It's nice to know who's who just in case something does kick off. If you feel you fit the bill then please stay in touch.

Or perhaps you're a comic illustrator or a pixel artist? Or maybe you're a skilled music composer/band? If you feel you can improve upon what you've already seen in the games then I'd love to hear from you. Again, please feel free to stay in touch

I don't mind hearing from independent movie studios but it's highly unlikely I'll want to do this as a low budget film. But if you strongly believe your standard of work is the same quality and visual grade you get at the cinemas these days then feel free to drop me a line and please be professional about it. Just so you know I've already turned down one movie offer so far alongside several offers to write novels and screenplays.

Anaksha's Twitter Account

If you have a twitter account you can follow Anaksha on her very own official twitter page (this is the same twitter account she talks about in her games). What makes her account so special is a recent change which was made where her tweets are now her own personal tweets - they're done in character from her own perspective. You'll find Anna talks about anything and everything that's going on in her world (everything except for her 'secret life' of course). Random thoughts, good days, bad days, whatever it is will go in. Adding her to your twitter account is the closest thing you'll get to actually having her as an online friend. She is a shy character so please don't go 'pestering her' or expect too much interaction from her.

Also, if you live in the USA you can keep upto date with Anaksha's twitter feed via SMS by texting "follow anaksha" to 40404.

Keep Up To Date

If you want to keep up to date on new developments then why not sign up to the official Anaksha mailing list? Here's a little secret - I usually send out breaking news regarding new releases and other important info via the mailing list BEFORE it goes public! Yes you heard me correctly, the people on the mailing list will hear about new releases before they're announced on the site and sometimes even get to play the new games before the general public gets hold of them. :) It's free to sign up so why not do it? The sign up form is just to the right (at the top of the column) ===>

Another important thing you can do is to like her on Facebook.

Investors and studios will look at all these things and take them into account before making a decision. The more popular this concept becomes, the more likely it is to go commercial :)

To 'like' her, log into facebook and then click on the 'Like' button at the top right corner of this website's header. This will add a 'like' to Facebook's Official Anaksha Fan Page. You can even sign up to the Facebook group if you like, which is right here.

Oh and while you're logged into Facebook, feel free to drop a comment in the comments box ;)

Merchanidise and Donations

I do have intentions of releasing merchandise in the future (books, artwork, posters, etc), but if you feel you want to make a paypal donation to help pay for hosting costs, future game development (or any other reason) then you can do so by clicking on the button below.


You can also:

You can also join the Anaksha forum and talk to other like-minded fans

Another thing you can do is vote. See the poll in the side bar to the right? Why not vote and make your opinion count?

Finally if you haven't played any of the other games in the series, you'll find a full list of them here.

PS: Some people have emailed me asking if it's OK to write to large commercial companies and encourage them to develop Anaksha as an XBox or PS3 release, or a feature film. I'm flattered by this, really I am. What you do in your own time is your own business, but if you're going to do this then please write to them as an independent fan. Do not say you're writing or pitching on my behalf. I don't want game and film studios thinking I've started some kind of marketing campaign.

Now if you like any of the Anaksha games (which I'm guessing is the main reason you've read this far), then there's one tiny little favor I'd like you to do before you exit this page... go spread the word! The more popular this thing becomes, the more likely it is to make an appearance on larger platforms and media. Log into your favorite social site and get all your friends and subscribers to play the game. Write a review on a gaming site or on your blog. I appreciate every tiny little thing you can do, no matter how small it is. :)