Anaksha: Dark Angel - Story (Contains Spoilers!)

Why do some characters call Anaksha 'Anna'?

It's her nickname which comes from the first two syllables of her name. It rolls off the tongue a little easier.

Why does the Sanskrit prophecy refer to angels when Indian mythology is usually about Godesses?

Because it's nothing to do with mythology. The author is a Vedic astrologer not a mythologist.

I didn't catch Anaksha's surname.

That's cos I never told you. :)

Why does Anaksha refer to Chief Mitchell as 'Chief Wiggum'?

Ever watched The Simpsons? If you have, you'll get the joke straight away. Chief Wiggum is the slow-brained, incompetent, donut-munching moron of a police chief who is supposed to look after Springfield but never actually does any real police work or follow proper police procedures. Anaksha is basically mocking Chief Mitchell by calling him Chief Wiggum. It's a running gag from the first game.

You stole dialogue from Casablanca! When Jack first meets Jessi in the Club Del Mar theres two stolen lines in that scene. Why did you blatantly plagiarise someone elses work and pass it off as your own?

Go watch that scene again and this time pay attention. Jack and Jessi go back a long way and the one thing they have in common is a passion for Humphrey Bogart movies. They're simply quoting Casablanca. It's part of their previous relationship, it's what brought them together in the first place. You'll find most movie lovers enjoy quoting lines from their favourite films.

What happened to Edward? Why wasn't 'Baba Ji' included this time? Is he OK?

Nothing has happened to him, he's perfectly alive and well. There wasn't any reason to include thim, that's all. He didn't really fit into the story so he was left out this time. Who knows, maybe next time he'll make an appearance.

What's gonna become of Jessi?

I really don't know at this point. I've left it open for the moment.