Anaksha: Dark Angel - Gameplay

Why can't I research Speciality Ammo?

You need to research an ammo belt AND a magazine loader first. The reason being, you need the ammo belt to carry the special clips and you need the magazine loader to be able to quickly switch between clips. Without these two items, speciality ammo is pointless.

I just saw my target exit the screen, but the game hasn't ended? What happened? Have they disappeared?

If the game over screen hasn't appeared then don't worry. Chances are they'll be back soon.

Why are people running out of a building in such a hurry?

Somethings obviously happened. Chances are they've seen a corpse or an injured person in there.

Why can't I hit a target that is indoors when I try shooting them through a window?

Not all ammo can penetrate glass. Always check the ammo description.

Can people on the second floor see a corpse on the third floor?

Nope. But the engine has been designed in a way to allow people ascending a staircase to see things as they reach the top. That means if someone is moving from the second floor to the third, if there is a corpse present on the third floor and its within viewing distance then the person will spot the corpse as they reach the top of the staircase.

What's the viewing distance of each person?

I'm not sure. It changes depending on how good the person's eyesight is. Honestly I couldn't tell you.

Why does my target's physical appearance change every time?

Anything physical details stated in the original mission brief are carved in rock and will be consistent every time. Anything else is pretty much random (depending on the person's personality and fashion sense)

Why does my target behave differently every time?

Like I mentioned above, anything in the mission brief is solid and concrete info which you can rely on. Anything else is usually upto the target depending on where they want to go and what they want to do.

Does the illumination in the room affect the visibility of any citizens inside?

Yes it does. You won't be able to see citizens too well in a dark room. If the light is on, they'll be crystal clear.

There's a dark room which doesn't seem to have a working light. Every time someone enters it just remains dark. Is this a bug?

No. Some rooms may have broken lights. Zoom in and look very closely to see what I mean.

Why can't I see the lightbulb inside a particular room?

It either doesn't have a lightbulb (bars and clubs generally don't have them) or it's hidden from sight.

Why are the police on their way, when there are no corpses on the street and I didn't see anyone pull out a cellphone?

Chances are you plugged someone inside a room and left the evidence there for someone to find. Just because a corpse is indoors doesn't mean citizens can't stumble across it and report the crime.

How do I know if there's a corpse indoors?

Look for the window with a bullet hole and blood splat.

OK so how do I hide a corpse when a) its inside, and b) I can't see it?

I REALLY want you to figure it out. Sorry to be a pain but I honestly think its more rewarding for you as the player to discover these things for yourself.

Someone just called the police and they arrived instantly! Is that a bug?

Nope, it was just your bad luck. Chances are it was just a passing patrol car which happened to have spotted a corpse laying on the pavement at that exact moment.

I'm trying to shoot a guy in the in the kneecap but I keep missing? Is this a bug?

No it's not a bug. If you shoot someone wearing a short skirt in the kneecap, it's easy because you can see her legs. But if they're wearing baggy jeans or trousers, then it can be difficult judging where the actual kneecap is inside the clothing. Just like in real life, if you miss you'll only hit the clothing around it and miss the kneecap itself. It's a tough shot to execute so you might want to get some practise before you go charging in with that one.

Can I disable a target at the kneecap and then deal with them later on?

Of course you can! :) Needless to say, just don't go breaking the kneecaps of innocent people.

I can't shoot a running target! I need to hit them in a certain area but it's impossible! How do I slow them down?

The answer to this lies in researching speciality ammo. There's some great stuff there which can stop a fleeing target dead in their tracks, making it easy to do whatever you want.

What was that?! Was that a ghost I just saw?

Ghost?! Where? You sure you're not seeing things?