Anaksha: Female Assassin

Tell Me More About Anaksha

Here's a quick bio:

NameAnaksha (Pronounced: Aah - Naak - Shah)
AgeUnknown (estimated around 20s/30s)
Height5 foot 9 inches
Date Of Birth24th August
BirthplaceAgra, India
City of ResidenceSanta Lina, USA
Visual FeaturesWears a gold nose ring (for cultural reasons). Has a tattoo of her starsign (Virgo) on her upper left arm. Has been known to occasionally wear a decorative 'bindi' on her forehead (again, for cultural reasons).
BackgroundCame to Santa Lina at the age of 12. Was adopted by a foster family.

What Inspired You To Create This Character?

The character was inspired by (and is based upon) the main character from the original feature length screenplay, "Anaksha: Angel Of Death". The screenplay in turn was inspired by neo-noir movies such as The Crow and Sin City.

The game doesn't work for me! The screen just flashes and acts weird. Whats wrong?

You'll need the latest Flash player. Visit

Why can't you smash the windows when you fire at them?

I didn't have time to add this feature. Maybe next time.

Is Anaksha some kind of hardcore, militant feminist?

Nope. She never 'takes sides'. She does whatever she feels is right

So then, why does the storyline only focus on helpless female victims?

It was a mistake mostly due to my amateur flash skills at the time. The original game design document had an equal balance of male and female targets. The problem is the little figures that walk around were badly designed and only contained 'masculine' movements and one style of clothing. So I was forced to alter the game and remove the female targets. It was a silly mistake but I was a beginner at the time. This issue was fixed in the sequel.

So what you're saying is, you were too lazy too add women?

Not too lazy. Too tired would be a better answer

Well OK, but why do most missions focus on crimes such as rape, wife beating, etc?

A vigilante deals with social issues and believes they're helping society. Anaksha has no political motivation and only does what she does because she believes she is standing up for the 'the little guys'. A lot of the stories in the first game were inspired by real events from the news. One of them was loosely based around a close friend I used to know. She was 'sold' into marriage at the age of 13 by her own father to a middle-aged man. Thankfully she was rescued 6 months later. I won't repeat the terrifying things she told me about her experience but it was enough to send chills down my spine! All the horrific tales in the game are just a reflection of how evil some people can be.

Why couldn't you have put as much effort into the storyline as you did with the graphics, etc?

Probably because it was my first attempt at writing something like this and I didn't really know what I was doing at the time.

The game AI sucks!

That's because there is no AI. :)

How come you can only shoot the guys in the head?

I felt that shooting the body would be far too easy so I restricted it to headshots.

How long did the game take to develop?

Too long for something like this. Around 7-8 months.

Do you have a soundtrack listing for the game?

Yup! Right here.