Generic FAQ

How do you pronounce her name?

Aah - Naak - Shah

Is there going to be an Anaksha 3?

Right now I really don't know. I'd prefer to take it to a more commercial level if possible.

Does that mean you won't be making Flash games any more?

Oh no I'll still continue those. I love doing them. :)

Who inspired you to start making games?

Sierra Online - namely Ken and Roberta Williams. I also have a lot of admiration and respect for Rockstar Games, Ubisoft and Rocksteady Studios.

Do you have any plans on releasing any of your game engines to the public?

Not at the moment I don't. But the good news is, I was thinking of creating a set of Flash tutorials. Just a little something to help others out there.

I'd like to host one of your games on my website but I don't agree with the content. Will you censor all the bad parts, recompile the game and send it to me?

Sorry. I don't agree with the idea of censorship between consenting adults. If you don't like it then simply don't host it.

I want to help in the development of future Anaksha projects. Please can I be part of your team as a coder/artist/tester/writer/etc?

I'm grateful for your offer but if I need help with anything I'll send out an request via the mailing list and post something on the front page.

Is there really going to be an Anaksha movie?

Yes, as soon as I meet the right people who are willing to work with me. I know a few film producers who'd probably take it on, but unfortunately they're not right for this project.

Would you be willing to license Anaksha out to a games/film studio for a potential game or movie?

Yes, I would be more than willing. But it depends on the company and what they're like to work with.

I'm a writer. Can I write an official screenplay/teleplay/radioplay/novel/etc for this so I can sell it?

I've had a lot of offers regarding this. At the moment I'm in no position to authorise anything (I wouldn't do it without involving a lawyer anyway).

What originally inspired Anaksha?

Movies like Sin City, The Crow, Batman, Blade and Ghost In The Shell.

How do you go about designing and creating a game?

It's complicated! :/ But if it's something that really interests you then I recommend you buy a few books on the subject.

Do you have any plans on releasing the original Anaksha screenplay you wrote a while back?

The original was trashed back in 2008 because I wasn't happy with it. It's currently being re-written.

Can I port one of your games/engines to the iPhone or some other mobile platform?

I already know a mobile developer. But feel free to send me links to your work just in case I ever start a mobile project and he's too busy.

What about an XBox Live game?

That's a good point. I may consider it some day.

Can I make my own fan site?

Sure. Knock yourself out.

My and my friends are making this cool game! Will you collaborate with us on our project?

As much as I'd love to help, I really can't do that due to my freelance schedule which means my free time is very limited.

Well OK, but we have a quick question we need to ask you about illustration/flash/etc. Will you help answer it?

Of course I'm happy to answer any quick questions. But bear in mind I'm a busy guy. You could email your question to me, but that might take a while to answer. You might better off posting it on the forum (there's a Flash section on there). If I don't answer it in time, then chances are someone else will. That way, at least you'll have something. :)

Will you teach me how to make flash games?

As much as I'd love to personally help you, my free time is very limited at the moment. However, you may want to check out the blog at I'm slowly filling it up with articles on game design, illustration and screenwriting.

Can I hire you as a freelance artist/writer?

Depend on my availability. Contact me and ask.

What kind of things are you currently working on?

Besides any work I'm doing for clients, I have a few personal gaming projects in the works.

Do you have XBox Live?

Yes I do, but my friends list is exclusive and only open to family and friends I know personally. Sorry.

Will you exchange links with my website?

Sorry. I don't do link exchanges.

I emailed you ages ago regarding XYZ. Why haven't you replied?

I apologise. But there are times when I'm just so busy that I can't respond to every single email I get.