About Me

Name: Arif Majothi

About Me: Am living in the United Kingdom. Started my career in film and TV at the age of 19, doing CGI/visual effects and 3D animation. Am currently a freelance games designer, screenwriter and illustrator. My current personal work is heavily influenced by crime fiction and neo/film noir. Am also qualified in beauty (trained make-up artist) and love to play rock guitar.

...Yeah I know what you're thinking and yes, computers and beauty is a bit of weird combo! :p


Need to get in touch, ask me a question or send me love? :) You can contact me personally via email.

However, thanks to spam bots crawling the web, I'm going to have to drop you a hint as to what my email address is, rather than write it out. Just make sure you've checked the FAQs for an answer to your question before emailing me.

I can be found at ???? - replace the 4 question marks with my first name (arif). Alternatively, you can join the forum and contact me there.